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The Best Sugar Free Candy & Sugar Free Chocolate Is Made With Maltitol

What is Maltitol?
Maltitol is a sugar alcohol used in substitution of sucrose commonly known as refined table sugar. Maltitol comes as a crystalline substance that makes for smooth bulk and gives sugar free candy and sugar free chocolate that melt in your mouth quality. Plus, its stability, high sweetness, and structure make it a suitable alternative for many reduced-calorie, reduced fat, and sugar-free foods.

What are the Benefits of using Maltitol?

Sugar Free

Diabetics and dieters alike can now enjoy candies and chocolates that are sweetened by maltitol. The glucose oxidation is significantly lower with maltitol than with sucrose after the first 90 minutes after ingestion. Maltitol also has a very low glycemic index.

Because of the low glycemic index, maltitol is also a good substitute for those watching their carbohydrate intake. Crystalline maltitol is the only sugar free sweetener that has the highest digestive tolerance.

Maltitol is also safe for your teeth. Bacteria doesn't act on sugar alcohols so maltitol does not promote tooth decay. Can you imagine tooth friendly candies and chocolates? Maltitol makes that possible.

It Tastes Great

Cooks have found that as they substitute maltitol for sugar in sugar free chocolate recipes and the results are mouth watering. You can make sugar free candies, chocolates and desserts for guests and they would never guess that you didn't use sugar.

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